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Birdwatching in Tierra Del Fuego

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Another location where there are too many neat birds to ignore, so, more birdwatching and another list of birds, this time from the area in and around Ushuaia, Argentina:

31: Great Grebe (Macá Grande)

76: Rock Cormorant (Cormorán Cuello Negro)

78: King Cormorant (Cormorán Real)

118: Kelp Goose (Caranca)

119: Upland Goose (Cauquén Común)

121: Ashy-Headed Goose (Cauquén Real)

125: Southern Wigeon (Pato Overo)

138: Flying Steamer-Duck (Quetro Volador)

355: Austral Parakeet (Cachaño)

On a side note, I find the ducks and geese here a lot more interesting than the standard-in-North-America mallard duck and Canada goose. I think that’s not just because of novelty, but I wonder what people from outside North America think when they first see a mallard duck or Canada goose.