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Tumblr New-user Questions

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Just started using Tumblr; here are a couple things I want to do but can’t figure out how.

1) Backdating posts. I have some things I wrote a while ago and never published (anywhere); I’d like to publish them here but use the date I wrote them, not the date I publish them now. I’d like the backdated date to be used both for ordering posts in my blog, and shown as the date for the post. I do see that Tumblr lets me set the date for posts, with “publish on…”, and if I google for “tumblr backdate post” I see people discussing use of that for backdated posts, but even if I set the date for a new post to something a month in the past, it still shows up at the top of my blog labeled “1 minute ago”. (Note this backdating behavior is the same thing you’d want if you were importing an existing blog from somewhere else into Tumblr.)

2) Reblogging stuff from my personal blog to a family blog. I see that Tumblr lets you have multiple blogs from one account, and multiple authors for one blog. So I set up a personal blog, and a family blog; I’d like to repost some but not all of my own blog posts into the family one. And I see that Tumblr likes (and probably invented?) this concept of reblogging. So it seems I’d like to be able to reblog my personal posts into the family bog. However, the “reblog” button doesn’t show up on my own posts.