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Arbitrary Argentine Acronyms

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If you’re entertained by finding patterns in noise, meaning in chaos — even false meanings — and especially if you’re a English-speaking rap-listening Burning Man-attending engineer — perhaps you’ll be as amused by these acronyms and airport codes as I am.

EZE — the Buenos Aires international airport, Ezeiza, practically screams “straight outta Compton”.

BRC — the Bariloche airport, or the Black Rock City airport. (If you do a Google search for “BRC airport”, both pop up in the top 3.)

FTE — the El Calafate airport or, if you’ve worked in Silicon Valley and had to read any resumes or job postings, a full-time engineer.

AC and DC — the equivalent of BC and AD in English, meaning Ante Cristo and Desde Cristo. In English, we use AC and DC to refer to different kinds of electric current, but also the rock band (whose name, judging by their lightning-bolt logo, was inspired by electricity). But since they also have a Genisis-inspired song (Let There Be Rock), who knows — this comes full circle back to the Spanish Biblical meaning for AC/DC.