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Sabbatical Travel Map

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Sabbatical travel map

I wanted a visual display of everywhere we went on our sabbatical — ideally a world map marked up with arrows indicating our route.

Looking for such a thing; the best thing I found was travelpod’s map display, which is a lot heavier than just a map (I didn’t really want to create a separate trip blog) but does the trick. (Google Maps and the other map sites I tried are great at showing routes for connected road trips, but not flights.)


So: this is the result, a map indicating our flights and destinations; I added a few bread crumbs with links to photos from each country we visited, but didn’t flesh this out with tons of words and photos embedded there like travelpod wanted me to.

As an aside, if you’re into this sort of thing, Apple’s iMovie has a pretty cool travel visualization feature whereby it can automatically show a line zooming from point A to point B on the globe, to connote travel as a transition between frames of a movie or slideshow.