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OAuth and Localization Fixes for Palm-Evernote Importer

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I’ve updated my utility for importing notes from Palm Desktop into Evernote again.

The big change is that it now uses OAuth for authentication to the Evernote service, instead of asking you for Evernote account credentials directly. This is a step forward in general; utilities like this one shouldn’t have unrestricted access to your entire account, nor should they know your actual password in case you use the same password for other services1. Evernote has disabled username/password logins for third party apps to force them to use OAuth, a move which I think more services should make2.

I also made some smaller changes to further improve the chance of success for people outside the USA, using nondefault character encoding or locale settings.

Finally, I added the public source repository to my github account. (I’ve always made the source codefor the current version available, but now the complete repository with history is public.)

Download here:

  1. Which you shouldn’t do, but lots of people do anyway.

  2. I’m looking at you, Google Reader clients.