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So Close and Yet So Far

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I wanted to use my new remap-volume-keys trick to turn the useless volume slider on the Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard into a scroll wheel replacement. (The volume slider is useless to me because, like in the story in the previous link, I’m using a digital sound output from this computer, and Mac OS won’t adjust the master volume on digital sound outputs. And while the DiNovo Edge has built-in scrolling support with a gesture on the touchpad, the touchpad is too small and the gesture is hard to perform and overall, I think the volume slider would be much more useful for scrolling.)

No luck so far though — USB Overdrive doesn’t see buttons on the DiNovo Edge at all, probably because it’s Bluetooth and not natively USB. And I tried installing Logitech’s own control software, which does allow me to customize the meaning of certain keys and gestures, but it doesn’t allow me to specify any different behavior for the volume keys.