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NYC Marathon

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I’ve signed up to run the New York City marathon in November. It’ll be my first marathon, so both training and the actual event should be interesting and challenging.

In addition to the personal challenge, I’m running on a team collecting donations for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. (Before anyone freaks out, no, I don’t have any direct connection to this disease, neither I nor any of my immediate relatives or acquaintances. I chose to fundraise for them because my mom and her oncologist husband say they do good research and use their money wisely. And as my mom said, “The fight against any kind of cancer benefits the fight against all kinds of cancer.”)

If you can spare $20, or more, or less, to sponsor me and support the MMRF, I, the MMRF, and multiple myeloma patients present and future would all appreciate it: just follow this link to my fundraising page. Thank you.