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Playing by the Rules

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I read two extensive reviews of Microsoft’s new Surface tablets today.

Peter Bright, writing for Ars Technica:

They’re covered in polyurethane that should prove hard-wearing and water resistant (I was told that they should withstand scouring pads, though I admit I’m too chicken to try—we had to promise to return our review units unharmed)

Mathew Honan, writing for Wired:

And it’s quite sturdy, to boot. In Microsoft’s lab, we saw Surfaces that had been opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times. They still snapped open and shut like they were new. We wanted to see how easy it was to break one. It’s very possible, but you have to really try. We did manage to break off the kickstand by gradually leaning onto it, but I had to put nearly my full weight onto the tablet before the kickstand snapped off.


Microsoft showed us a drop test by letting a Surface fall from a chest-high height. I duplicated this by literally throwing it at the floor, but to no ill effect.

All in the name of science, of course. I doubt Bright could have gotten in that much trouble for taking a Brillo pad to his Touch Cover. Oh well.