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Apple Devices and Argentina Time

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All my Apple devices — iPhone, iPod Nano — that I’m traveling with think that Argentina is 2 hours ahead of Eastern time (EDT), when really it should be only 1 hour ahead right now.  (Argentina doesn’t use daylight savings time, which adds an hour to all US times right now; Argentina is always GMT-3, and EST would be GMT-5 but during daylight savings time, Eastern time becomes EDT which is GMT-4.)  How does Apple get this wrong?

(My Windows netbook gets it right automatically; 3 different digital cameras from Canon, Nikon and Panasonic have a manual daylight savings adjust, so it’s easy to get wrong, but once I learned how to take the extra step, they give me the opportunity to do it right.  I don’t see any daylight savings settings on the Apple devices, though.)

In practice, I just had to tell the iPod and iPhone that I’m in Santiago.

Update: Even after the US went back to Standard time in early November, the iPod and iPhone still get it wrong — now Argentina is 2 hours ahead of EST but my iPod thinks it’s 3 hours ahead. So it’s not a daylight savings thing after all — it’s just wrong.