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Does Anyone Sleep in Argentina?

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There seems to be something in the air that makes people not need to sleep.

Item: Argentinians are reputed to party all night, not going out until 2am or later.

Item: When we went on a tour starting at 7am on Sunday, our guide said everyone else on the road was coming home from Saturday night.

Item: When we went to the airport at 5:30am to catch a 6:30am flight, all the shops in the airport were already open.

Item: When we went to the local ski area, and hiked to the top of the (closed for maintenance) chairlift, and found a little coffee shop at the top, at 6:30pm, it was open.

Item: We have gotten up at 6am 4 days in a row, and 4:30am today for our flight, and still have energy.